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About Project

This is a story of gender discovery, a search for identity and wholeness. Unbroken is a musical drama showing the fight to become free from the bonds of society, history and shame.

Director Biography

Kathy Moore is a filmmaker based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Kathy has worked on film projects all over Australia, large and small, Producing, Directing and also in Production. She has won numerous awards for her short films, and documentaries and won a prestigious award from California for her animated short film ‘A Boy and a Ball’.
This creative team are now in pre-production in which they hope to go on creating a series of honest and heartfelt documentaries, ‘A day in a life,’ based on our inspiring local Transgender community to give the audience a little insight into how this may look and feel from day to day.

Project Credits

Tyler James Waters – Producer

Owen Elliot – Executive Producer
Bathing Franky Feature Film

Tyler James Waters – Writer

Kathy Moore – Director

Elise Vohradsky – Key Cast

Aaron Haberfield – Director of Photography

Simonn Bailey – Costume and Wardrobe

Paige Freeman – Make-up and Hair Styling

Cherie White – Make-up and Hair Styling

Nik Kuilder – Editors

Timothy Jackson – Cast

Edie Bailey – Cast

Tyler Waters – Cast

Caitlin O’Reilly – Cast

Zekiel Morrison – Cast

Chloe Wilson – Cast

Jonathan Alfred Fittock – Cast

Leanne Paine – Production Assistant

Alix Bourne – Production Assistant

Caitlin O’Reilly – Lead Singer

Tyler James Waters – Vocalist

Cooper Janzen – Camera Assistant and Lighting

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