The Lavender Girl

About Project “The Lavender Girl takes on the challenge of breathing new life into a heartbroken bandleader, overcoming the obstacles of his extravagant world and her own past to find love and hope”. Sinopsis:A young woman born and raised on the Balearic island of Mallorca, who lost her wealthy family at the age of twelve, […]

It’s All Good

About Project A thought provoking and powerful Micro Movie that follows a young woman’s selfish decision and shows a Dr.’s pride which ends in death and redemption. Ending scene follows the credits. Director Biography As a producer/director of film as well as a photographer, my aim is to produce high quality motion pictures with entertaining […]

Pandemic : Chaos is Bleeding

About Project The animation is set in Boston in the year 2021. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sybil Crewes, a former ATU agent receives a threatening call from a man that has her lover Harry Brown captive. She is to run some errands for this mystery caller/abductor if she wants Harry to be set free. Her […]

BoomBoom / Sing_along_with_UrbanCrow_Sisters

About Project All elements are AI produced MUSIC VIDEO. Midjourney AI makes these girls, CREEVO song Writing AI project by KYOTO UNIVERSITY JAPAN makes this song and sing , D-ID project site makes these girls animated to sing . and I just edit them.LoL!And this film is an advertisement for the movie URBANCROW to be […]

Burnt by the Sun

About Project A surreal mosaic pieced together from fractured memories and childhood recollections as told by an unnamed narrator who relives a traumatic incident from his past. A time when people went about their lives, and yet, they told tales of a predator who stalked the streets at night, sneaking into windows and adducting the […]

Perfect Timing: A True Tale of an Aspiring Creator

About Project Fresh out of college, a 22-year-old aspiring musical comedian (Kenny Vesey) struggles dearly to reconcile his dreams of stardom with the dizzying world of content creation. In straining to perfect his creative process — down to the second — he stumbles on one revelation that changes everything. Director Biography Kenny Vesey is an […]

Alright Forever

About Project In this sequel to “I Think He’ll Be Alright” and “I Still Think He’ll Be Alright,” director Jeff Richards sets out to prove that the global COVID pandemic has created shared trauma. As he interviews people directly affected by this event, he struggles with his own health anxiety that stemmed from the pandemic. […]

La Petite Mort

About Project A dark journey of the mind, body and soul. Director Director – Patrick Finbarr Rogers

Inside Of Me

About Project Judean Montgomery never thought that an unexpected conversation with her only son would help her to realize she suffered from depression. After years of mental abuse from the people she depended on the most, Judean accepted disappointments and feeling unloved as a norm. What will it take to finally get the happiness she […]

And Even The Rain

About Project Jason is an old truck driver who will retire soon. Before the departure to the last transportation, his boss tells him that he can’t get severance pay if he gets something wrong. Jason departs with anxiety. On the way, his truck is carjacked by Benita, a girl who repeats robbing. Jason is made […]