Queen Bone’s Birthday

About Project Queen Bone gets frustrated when she thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday! Director Biography I am 11 years old, and I am interested in marine biology and the ocean as well as many other types of science. I also like doodling and making cartoons and funny comics. I like wood carving and other […]


About Project A vlogger’s latest upload of her carving a pumpkin for the first time leads to her being carved herself. Project Credits Victoria G. – Director Victoria G. – Writer Victoria G. – Producer Victoria G. – Key Cast”Jessica”

Find Your Destiny

About Project once upon a time…. in a land far away, was a little girl that searched for love…… like her knight in shining armor, found this love years later in a very particular way.And they lived happily ever after.. Project Credits Jeremy & Christine PHILLIP Stork – Director Jeremy & Christine Stork – Writer […]

Onde Mora Você em Mim

About Project Film-poem about the artist, dancer, choreographer and educator Angel Vianna. The short film essay features body artists trained by Angel and who demonstrate the importance of continuous learning, depth and breadth of body movement. Born in Pernambuco. Mother. Dancer by training.Feel the body, place of drive, knowledge and affections.Crossed by Dance, Cinema, Performance, […]

The Art of Sneakiness

About Project A high schooler receives letter with no return address from a super secret society that recruits only the sneakiest of people. Director Biography  Joe Boi is an eclectic, nostalgic Director specializing in Horror, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi films. Joe is currently engaged in writing and producing his own films having previously worked […]


About Project Inspired by transcendental reflections and about the fifth dimension.Mixed from quantum physics, our brain capacity and also prayer in creating realities beyond the World, technology, time to the theory of the multiverse.All music composed, performed and produced by‪ Anaya Music‬ All lyrics written, recorded, performed and produced by Cindy Paulos Music Publishing © […]

I Laugh on the Outside

About Project A slasher movie about a former actress Angela Baker (Aubrie Nestor) who takes revenge on the filmmakers that ruined her life. Director Biography As a kid, Justin Head grew up watching all kind of movies. However, it was the Universal Studios monster movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein that he would grow to […]


About Project Border-Ball chronicles Joel Tauber’s 40-day pilgrimage along the U.S. – Mexico border. He walks, repeatedly, from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, along the Border Wall, to the Otay Mesa Detention Center—and back. People share their thoughts and stories, and Tauber wonders how we can be so cruel to so […]

Days of Salvation: Prologue

About Project The world is devastated from Nuclear war. Now a group of survivors with no way to find safe place must band together to stay alive to find Utopia. Director Biography I was born in Punjab, India, where at the age of 8, I moved to the USA. I spent nearly 26 years in […]

They Come Back

About Project Two long-time friends go into the woods in the hope that a lost loved one returns. This film was proudly made in Northeast Pennsylvania. Project Credits Zack Wilcox – DirectorHunting lands Zack Wilcox – WriterHunting Lands Tony Susi – ProducerJohann: A Retrospective by Todd Klepp Michael Patti – Key Cast“Joe” Josh Bidwell – […]